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November 2022
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The Saved Jobs view displays a table of Active, Retired, or Repository jobs, allows you to view the job status and job actions available for each job, and enables you to create a new job. Job types include backup, restore and analyze.

Repository jobs are only visible to users with BAR administrator privileges.

BAR Operations Saved Jobs view

Show Jobs Menu
Filters the Saved Jobs view for Active, Retired, or Repository jobs. Active jobs are ready to be run. Retired jobs cannot be run. Repository jobs are specific to a DSC repository.
New Job Button
Creates a backup, restore, or analyze job. Only available when the Show Jobs Menu is showing Active Jobs.
"" Job Actions Menu
Actions you can perform on the selected job; for example, Run or Job Status. The available actions depend on the selected job. For example, Restart is available for restore jobs that were not successful, and Create Restore As Incremental is available for an IR-enabled backup job.
Action Job Type
Restart Unsuccessful restore job
Create Restore As Incremental IR-enabled backup job
Clone As Non-Incremental Restore IR-enabled restore job
Build Restore Objects IR-enabled restore job
List Build Restore Objects IR-enabled restore job
Clone Backup For Non-Incremental Restore IR-enabled backup job
Clone Backup for Incremental Restore non-IR-enabled backup job
Clone As Incremental Restore non-IR-enabled restore job
Create Analyze Job Backup
Job Status Filter Bar
Shows a count of the jobs by status and allows you to filter the Job Table. Only available when the Show Jobs Menu is showing Active Jobs.
"" Overflow Menu
Shows a list of job statuses. You can select another job status to replace a status on the Job Status Filter Bar.
Shows column filters and job information. Use Configure Columns from the Table Actions menu to select the visible columns; for example, Incremental Restore Supported, which tells you whether a job was IR enabled.

If you enter information in a filter, the table shows only the rows that match the filter.

Saved Jobs Table
Lists the job name, type, status, start time, end time, size and elapsed time of the job.
Table Actions
Configure Columns allows you to select, lock, and order the displayed columns.
Export creates a .csv file containing all available data.
Change User Password allows you to change the password used to run all BAR jobs associated with a system and user account.