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November 2022
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The sync_save_sets command sends a sync request to all NetBackup and Spectrum clients that have save sets older than the dataset.retention.days value configured in If the save sets are expired on the NetBackup or Spectrum side and no restore or analyze job is configured to use them, DSC deletes them from the DSC repository. If it is the last save set and a restore or analyze job is configured to use it, it will not be deleted until there is a newer save set. No scheduled or ad hoc jobs can run until the deletion completes.

The sync_save_sets user command is a manual alternative to using the checkretention.cronstring property in to schedule an automatic task.


sync_save_sets -S|skip_prompt


dsc sync_save_sets -S


S|skip_prompt SkipPrompt
[Optional] Skips displaying a confirmation message before performing the command action.
u|user_authentication User
Required when security management is enabled. Supplies the command with the Viewpoint user, and triggers a password prompt for authentication.

Permissions required: Administrator role

c|current_status CurrentStatus
[Optional] Returns the current status of the sync save set request.
A|abort Abort
[Optional] Aborts the current running sync_save_sets request from further processing of the Sync Save Sets.

Usage Notes

Running this command removes information in DSC about save sets that previously existed on the backup application. This includes removing restore and analyze jobs that reference each save set. Restore and analyze jobs that point to an expired save set and are not set to the latest save set are deleted along with the expired save set. If the restore or analyze job points to the expired save set and is set to the latest save set, the restore or analyze job fails to run until the attached backup job is run again and creates a new save set to which the restore or analyze job points. If you do not run a job for a long time and its save sets have been deleted by NetBackup, running this command could cause the job status to be changed to New.

If a save set with dependent save sets is expired, the dependent save sets are invalidated. Invalid save sets are not available for use in creating or editing jobs. Any jobs referencing invalid save sets are rejected at run time.

If the physical media of the backup save set becomes damaged, neither auto check retention job nor the sync_save_sets command should be run until the media is replaced or repaired. If the physical media cannot be repaired, use sync_save_sets to mark the save set so that any run depending on this save set is invalidated.

XML File Example

This command does not support an XML file.