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teradataml DataFrameColumn supports following set of regular arithmetic functions.

See the Arithmetic Functions section of Teradata Package for Python Function Reference, B700-4008) at for detailed description and usage examples of these functions.

Regular Arithmetic Functions supported by DataFrameColumn
Sr. No. Function Name Description
1 cbrt() Computes the cube root of values in the column.
2 hex() Computes the Hexadecimal from decimal for the values in the column.
3 hypot() Computes the hypotenuse for the values between two columns.
4 unhex() Computes the decimal from Hexadecimal for the values in the column.
5 abs() Computes the absolute value.
6 ceil() Returns the ceiling value of the column.
7 ceilling() It is an alias for ceil() function.
8 degrees() Converts radians value from the column to degrees.
9 exp() Raises e (the base of natural logarithms) to the power of the value in the column, where e = 2.71828182845905.
10 floor() Returns the largest integer equal to or less than the value in the column.
11 ln() Computes the natural logarithm of values in column.
12 log10() Computes the base 10 logarithm.
13 mod() Returns the modulus of the column.
14 pmod() It is an alias for mod() function.
15 nullifzero() Converts data from zero to null to avoid problems with division by zero.
16 pow() Computes the power of the column raised to expression or constant.
17 power() It is an alias for pow() function.
18 radians() Converts degree value from the column to radians.
19 round() Returns the rounded off value.
20 sign() Returns the sign.
21 signum() It is an alias for sign() function.
22 sqrt() Computes the square root of values in the column.
23 trunc() Provides the truncated value of columns.
24 width_bucket() Returns the number of the partition to which column is assigned.
25 zeroifnull() Converts data from null to zero to avoid problems with null.