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Teradata Vantage™ - Analytics Database International Character Set Support - 17.20

Analytics Database
Teradata Vantage
Release Number
June 2022
English (United States)
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To be available for use, a client character set must be listed in the DBC.CharTranslationsV view.

All Teradata-supplied client character sets are listed by default in the DBC.CharTranslationsV, except the four defaults, ASCII, EBCDIC, UTF8 and UTF16..

Example DBC.CharTranslationsVExample DBC.CharTranslationsV

The example that follows shows only the first 4 of 8 columns. The last 4 columns are translation codes similar to the E2I column. For details, see the explanation table that follows the example.
   SELECT * FROM DBC.CharTranslationsV;
   *** Query completed. 29 rows found. 7 columns returned. 
   *** Time was 3.60 seconds.
   CharSetName         CharSetId  InstallFlag E2I 
   ---------------     ---------  ----------- -------------------
   KATAKANAEBCDIC      111        N           000102039409967F.. 
   SCHINESE936_6R0     115        N           0001020304050607..
   HANGULKSC5601_2R4   120        N           0001020304050607..
   EBCDIC273_0E         97        N           000102039C09867F..
   EBCDIC037_0E         96        N           000102039C09867F.. 
   KANJIEBCDIC5035_0I  113        N           000102039C09867F.. 
   LATIN1_0A           126        N           0001020304050607..
   TCHEBCDIC937_3IB    110        N           0001020304050607.. 
   KANJISJIS_0S        119        N           0001020304050607..
   LATIN1252_3A0       123        N           0001020304050607..
   KANJIEBCDIC5026_0I  112        N           000102039C09867F..
   HEBREW1255_5A0      103        N           0001020304050607..
   ARABIC1256_6A0      104        N           0001020304050607.. 
   KANJIEUC_0U         118        N           0001020304050607..
   LATIN9_0A           125        N           0001020304050607..
   CYRILLIC1251_2A0    102        N           0001020304050607.. 
   THAI874_4A0         100        N           0001020304050607..
   LATIN1250_1A0       101        N           0001020304050607..
   HANGUL949_7R0       116        N           0001020304050607..
   SCHGB2312_1T0       121        N           0001020304050607..
   LATIN1254_7A0       105        N           0001020304050607..
   SCHEBCDIC935_2IJ    109        N           0001020304050607..
   TCHINESE950_8R0     117        N           0001020304050607.. 
   HANGULEBCDIC933_1II 108        N           0001020304050607..
   EBCDIC277_0E         98        N           000102039C09867F..
   LATIN1258_8A0       106        N           0001020304050607..
   LATIN1252_0A        124        N           0001020304050607..
   TCHBIG5_1R0         122        N           0001020304050607..
   KANJI932_1S0        114        N           0001020304050607..

Explanation of Example

Field Attributes Description
CharSetName (TranslateName) VARCHAR(128) NOT NULL A name that uniquely identifies a character set.

Japanese character set names should start with an unaccented uppercase Roman letter and consist of only unaccented uppercase Roman letters, digits, underscore, dollar sign, or number sign.

CharSetID (TranslateID) BYTEINT NOT NULL A number that uniquely identifies the character set for which these translation codes are being inserted.

Each character set ID must be in the range 65–126.

InstallFlag (Install) CHAR(1) NOT NULL A value of either Y or N, where:
  • Y= Enables the translation codes for the CharSetName at the next restart of the database.
  • N=The translation codes for the CharSetName are disabled.

A maximum of 16 character sets can be enabled at one time.

If more than 16 rows are flagged as Y at reset time, the system sorts CharSetName values in ascending ASCII sequence and enables the rows in alphabetical order until the 16 set limit is reached.

E2I (TranslateIn) BYTE(256) NOT NULL The external (host)-to-internal (Analytics Database) codes for each character in the set.
E2IUp (TranslateInUp) BYTE(256) NOT NULL The external-to-internal uppercase codes for each character in the set.
I2E (TranslateOut) BYTE(256) NOT NULL The internal (Analytics Database)-to-external (client) codes for each character in the set.
I2EUp (TranslateOutUp) BYTE(256) NOT NULL The internal-to-external uppercase codes for each character in the set.

For more information on DBC.CharTranslationsV, see Teradata Vantage™ - Data Dictionary, B035-1092.