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Teradata R Package
November 2020
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The following table lists the key feature additions and changes in the Teradata R Package, tdplyr.

Date Release Description
September 2020
  • New Model Cataloging feature providing functionality to catalog model metadata and related information in the Model Catalog;
  • Script providing an interface to run scripts in Advanced SQL Engine using Script Table Operator (STO), in two modes:
    • Test/Debug mode: test user scripts locally in a containerized environment;
    • In-Database Script Execution: execute user scripts in database.
  • Added Vantage file management functions to install, replace, remove files in Vantage;
  • New Time Series aggregate functions (ts.percentile, ts.delta_t, ts.kurtosis, ts.skew, ts.sum,, ts.sdp, ts.var, ts.varp, ts.min, ts.max, ts.mean, ts.n, ts.describe);
  • New regular aggregate functions (kurtosis, skew);
  • Added support of JWT logon mechanism and Stored Password Protection feature in Context management, and using DBI::dbConnect(tdplyr::NativeDriver(), ...) to create context;
  • Added support for Vantage Native Object Store (NOS) feature to explore data sets located on external object stores like AWS-S3 and Azure Blob Storage;
  • Updated print() function to print only the output objects of class "tbl_teradata" of the analytic function run;
  • Updated data type of returned column or value:
    • td_nrow() used to return integer type, now returns bit64::integer64;
    • Regular aggregate functions n() and n_distinct() used to return the count columns of integer type, now return columns of type bit64::integer64.
    • Window function n() used to return the count column of integer type, now returns column of type bit64::integer64.
  • Updated arguments in analytic functions. See the "Analytic Function Updates" section in Teradata R Package Function Reference for details.