17.00 - Installing Teradata ODBC on macOS - Teradata R Package

Teradata® R Package User Guide

Teradata R Package
November 2020
User Guide
  1. Download the Teradata ODBC driver for macOS from Teradata Access Portal.
    1. Go to https://support.teradata.com.
    2. Log in.
    3. Download the Teradata ODBC driver for macOS from the DOWNLOADS page.
    Teradata recommends to use the ODBC version that matches the version of the database you connect to.
  2. Double click to uncompress the downloaded package downloaded_tar.gz_file. The actual file name depends on the current offering on Teradata download website.
  3. Navigate in the uncompressed folder to find the Teradata ODBC folder that contains the extracted file extracted_pkg_file. Right click this file, and choose the Open menu option.
  4. If further prompted by a new dialog box window, click the Open button to confirm. The Teradata Tools and Utilities installer window appears.
  5. Follow the steps in the installer window to install the software, and then close the installer window.