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January 2021
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Programming Reference
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CUBE { ordinary_grouping_set | (ordinary_grouping_set) }

Syntax Elements

one or more expressions used to group cubed report rows across multiple dimensions.
All ordinary grouping sets must make explicit column references. You cannot specify column positions with CUBE.
You cannot specify more than 8 columns in the ordinary grouping sets.
This limit is actually on the number of table dimensions that can be cubed. The value is much smaller than the limits for the ROLLUP and GROUPING SETS options because it specifies a limit of 28, or 256 different combinations of columns, not just columns.
You cannot reference columns that have a LOB data type unless they are first CAST to another type or passed to a function whose result is not a LOB. For example, casting a BLOB to BYTE or VARBYTE or a CLOB to CHARACTER or VARCHAR.