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3558 Cannot alter the specified attribute(s) for %VSTR.


Most column attributes cannot be modified after the column is created. Exceptions are those attributes which can be changed without changing the internal storage of the data. Please refer the Teradata SQL Reference : Data Definition Statements. DR94963-bessc-01: For V2R6.2, the COMPRESS attribute for existing column(s) can be changed with the ALTER TABLE <table name> ADD <column name> COMPRESS command option. Example: ALTER TABLE Tab1 ADD Column1 COMPRESS('OldValue1', 'OldValue2', 'NewValue1', 'NewValue2'); NOTE that the new Compress list REPLACES the old list.

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Usually, if the modification causes all existing rows to be updated or invalidated, the modification is not allowed.


If the attribute needs to be modified, the user may need to create a new table.