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2661 Invalid numeric value or bad string length.


This error occurs due to either of two conditions: (1) An attempt was made to move a character or byte string data item into a character or byte field of shorter length (for example, moving a 5-character data item into a 4-character field). (2) The row under construction in EvlBuild is appending a numeric field that has a value not consistent with its evlRepresent_t length definition (for example, integer64 has value of length 2).

Generated By:

The interpretative instruction processor.

For Whom:

End User for case 1. Site support representative.for either case.


This is used for development debugging purposes and should never occur in the field.


For case 1, the problem can be circumvented by changing the request to use strings of equal length. In either case, this is an internal error. Contact your Support Representative.