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2876 AMP was not brought online.


An AMP could not be brought into deferred catchup so it was put into offline recovery instead. There are several reasons why the system choose to do this, the text which follows the message should describe the factors that governed this decision.

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This message is logged during a restart for each processor in offline recovery. This is to help the user understand why the AMP was not brought into the configuration. An AMP in offline recovery is not part of the DBS configuration, ie. it is logically down. An AMP in deferred recovery is part of the DBS configuration. An AMP is placed into deferred catchup for any of the following reasons: 1) The AMP has not completed local transaction rollback. This means that the AMP has not rolled back/completed all work that was in progress when it went down. It must also complete any deferred recovery sessions contained on it at the time it went down. 2) The number of change row journal entries summed across all AMPs in the cluster exceed some threshold. This means that the number of rows requiring updating is too great. 3) At least one long running ordered systems change journal entry needs to be processed. Long running records include saving a dump, rebuilding a table or PJ, etc.. 4) A HUT lock may exist in the cluster. This means either that a HUT lock is currently held in the cluster and/or a ordered systems change journal set HUT lock record remains to be processed.


Allow offline recovery to catch the AMP up to a point where the deferred catchup rules are met and then restart the system to place the AMP into deferred catchup. In the case of rule #4, you may need to release the HUT lock manually. The RCVMANAGER console startable utility can tell when the rules have been meet. The RESTART,COLDWAIT option can be used to guarantee that the AMP is brought online.