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9473 %VSTR has not yet been enabled.


The indicated feature has not been enabled. The indicated feature and certain other features are enabled only when the DBSControl general field No13dot0Backdown (65) is set to TRUE. If the feature is enabled, back down from Teradata DBS 13.10 to Teradata DBS 13.0 without a sysinit is no longer allowed. After setting to TRUE, this general field cannot be set back to FALSE. Some features that are not enabled until this general field is set to TRUE include algorithmic compression, AT clause in CAST/conversion, time zone strings, and merge data blocks during full-file operations.

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End User.


Contact your Support Representative. Your Support Representative needs to contact the Global Support Center to set the general field No13dot0Backdown (65) to TRUE in DBSControl when it is determined that being able to back down from 13.10 to 13.0 without a sysinit is no longer required for this system.