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2582 Not an operational configuration for MLoad


An AMP has gone down in a cluster which already has another AMP marked as logically down for the apply phase of a given MultiLoad job. Although the configuration is still operational at the system level, the MLoad restart logic in the AMPs considers it non-operational for apply phase processing in the current job.

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In addition to the user error returned to the MLoad host utility, this error will also be logged to the DBS console and the error log. Every effort should be made to preserve the data on the down AMP, since it is not possible to rebuild an MLoad target table during the apply phase. Once this phase has been entered, the MLoad must run to completion or the target tables will have to be restored from archived copies. Only as a last resort, therefore, should the down AMP repair include an HDA replacement with its consequent data loss.


Bring the down AMP back online with all its disk data intact, if possible, and restart the MLoad job. For problem analysis of the down AMP, consult the errors logged at the time the AMP went down, not the MLoad error described here. For further help, contact your Support Representative.