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3130 Response limit exceeded.


There is a TDBMS limit of 16 outstanding responses for a single session. If responses are allowed to pile up by an application, this error will occur. A response is the response set from a SELECT statement. A response is kept by the TDBMS until we know the user is done with it at which point it is cancelled. There are two scenarios: 1. If KeepResp is OFF, the response is automatically cancelled when all rows have been returned to the application and the host has been notified of the end of the response. 2. If KeepResp is ON, the response is held until explicitly cancelled by the user. In each case, the response can be explicitly cancelled by the application.as soon as it is no longer needed.

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End user.


The responses are the property of the session and will automatically automatically be cancelled if the session is logged off. Cancel an old response and resubmit the request or transaction.