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3679 Transaction ABORTed due to resource shortage.


A transaction was aborted which required dictionary information that it was unable to receive due to being blocked by other locks. All available AMP tasks were busy or were also waiting for locks. Accepting this request would have created a possibility of an unbreakable resource deadlock. The limit of retries for this condition was exhausted and the transaction was aborted. The application program was informed with a 2631 error that it's transaction was aborted and that it must resubmit the request. This entry and it's associated information has been placed into the ErrorLog to aid in understanding the ErrAMPLokDeadLock (2631) which was reported to the application. The probable cause of this condition is a long running DDL operation being performed while many other requests are also being presented to the database.

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No action is required for this error. If this condition is recurrent, review the use of DDL during the time the events occur. If adjustments to the use of DDL during these periods cannot resolve the problem, notify your support representative.