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5649 The UDF/XSP "%VSTR" is invalid.


The UDF/XSP the user is attempting to use is not compatible with the current platform. It must be recompiled first and possibly modified to work on the new platform.

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This code can be returned as a warning during the compilation of UDFs after a restore for a function from pre-TD12.0 DBS. The function table header is converted and it must be modified to work on the new platform. This error is returned if the user tries to ALTER COMPILE a UDF/XSP that does not have any source code (for instance if it is defined with an object, a package, or a library file) and the UDF/XSP has been migrated across platforms


When reloading a UDF/XSP from an archive onto another platform, the UDF/XSP must be recompiled in order to be run on the new platform. See the ALTER FUNCTION/PROCEDURE statement to recompile the UDF/XSP.