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2720 Fast/MLoad or FastExport has already been terminated.


If this was a FastLoad or MLoad job then the load operation on the DBS side has already been terminated, but data parcels are still being sent down from the host. Possible cause is the Host Load Utility is ignoring the error returned from DBS. If this was a FastExport job then the FastExport session has been logged off. The SQL Select is either aborted or if it has been completed then the logoff results the answer set inaccessible. In the latter case, the host must submit an End Request to delete any spool files created on the AMPs.

Generated By:

AMP Load Processing.

For Whom:

Host Load Utility.


The Utility should terminate if there is any error returned while it is sending data parcels to the DBS.


Cancel the Load job on the Host. Correct the Utility if it is ignoring errors.