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2809 Invalid recovery sequence detected


An illegal sequence of recovery actions has been detected. This could be a cluster Restore of a fallback table that was not preceded by a dictionary restore or a specific-AMP restore operation during a Fast Load or MLoad.

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AMP Software.

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End User.


All cluster restores of fallback tables must be preceded by a dictionary restore. This situation may arise in doing a specific-AMP restore of a no fallback table after CREATE/ DROP INDEX, a Fast Load, or an MLoad.


To restore a fallback table to AMP clusters, you must first perform a dictionary restore of the table from a dictionary dump. If the problem is CREATE/DROP INDEX, perform an all-AMPs restore followed by a specific-AMPs restore of the no fallback table. Then do the CREATE/DROP INDEX. If the problem is Fast Load or MLoad, the operation must finish prior to issuing the recovery operation, or all-AMPs must be restored first.