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A UDF subsystem informative event was logged.


This message is used to display informative information regarding the UDF/UDM/XSP (external routines) subsystem concerning the the following possible issues: 1. Secure server external routine user authorization errors. 2. Unexpected Window system Desktop errors. 3. Secure server creation error. 4. UDF subsystem initialization errors. 5. Issues with external routine causing failures. 6. Any other anomalous issues with external routine execution. The messages of this type will appear in the system log only.

Generated By:

UDF subsystem.

For Whom:

DBA, UDF developer


The actions to take are numerous. Normally the contents of the message will be sufficient to indicate the action that might have to be taken. For example a message indicating that a UDF caused a trap while running in non protected mode on a PE would mean that the function in question has some serious problems and the function should be removed from the system or at least changed to run in protected mode to figure out the issues with the function.