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5977 Invalid MERGE-INTO statement: %VSTR


The user specified a MERGE-INTO statement that violated one of the following Teradata exceptions to Full ANSI MERGE standards: a) The <search condition> following the ON keyword must specify an equality constraint on the primary index of the target table. The specified primary index value must match the primary index value implied by the column values specified in the INSERT clause. If the PI value is the result of an expression, the expression cannot reference any column in the target table. Additionally, the <search condition> may not contain subqueries or references to columns that do not belong to either the source or target table. If the target table is a PPI table, the values of the partitioning columns must also be specified in the <search condition>, and the INSERT clause must specify the same partitioning column values as the <search condition>. b) UPDATEs of the primary index column(s) are not supported. For PPI tables, this restriction is further extended to not supporting UPDATEs on partitioning column(s) as well. c) PI of Target table cannot be an identity column d) MergeInto is not allowed on Unhashed table

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