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2800 Aborted due to invalidated secondary index on %DBID.%TVMID.


The table being accessed has a unique or nonunique secondary index that was invalidated as a result of one of the below operations. A restore operation with an AMP down or A rollforward operation with 'primary data' option or A restore operation with 'no build' option. A corruption detected during NUSI maintenance could also end up invalidating the index. * DR126850-SG210037-01 * No updates or inserts are allowed on this table until the index is built through a 'build' statement of arcmain or dropped.

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AMP Steps.

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End User.


In case of AMP down, drop the invalidated secondary indexes on the table else A 'build' statement of arcmain should follow to build the invalidated secondary indexes. No NUSI index access is allowed, the invalidated index needs to be dropped and re-created. DR126850-SG210037-01