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8239 Restore/Copy detected invalid UDT condition: %VSTR.


This error is generated if the system determines that the UDT data archived with the table does not match the current system info or if there is a problem with the current definition of a UDT. VSTR will give an expanded explanation of the actual problem encountered by the system. There are few possibilities: . Archived UDT (UdtName) info in table header does not match Currently, the check is limited to the maximum length of the UDT data. . Type (UDT) is missing . Ordering is missing for a UDT . Transform is missing for a UDT . The system was unable to create a valid UDT instance. This situation could be due to the fact that the UDT library does not exist or that an entry point for the UDT (UDF/UDM) could not be found in the UDT library.

Generated By:

hutinr, hutrdb, hutrdbd.

For Whom:

Support Representative/System Administrator.


Contact software support and explain the scenario. Most likely the UDT definition has changed since the archive. Table in the archive is not usable and will not be restored unless the original UDT definition can be recreated.