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3705 Request executed in interpretive EVL mode.


This is a warning only, not an error. It indicates that the current request will be executed using interpretive EVL code rather than executable EVL code. Cases where this warning will be returned are: a) Ran out of parser tree segments when trying to generate the executable EVL code. b) Ran out of Plastic Step segment when trying to fit both interpretive EVL code and executable EVL code in the Plastic Steps. c) Ran out of space in the concrete step segment when building one large single step. In an attempt to save space, the compiled is replaced with the interpretive EVL code. The only remedy is to simplify the query.

Generated By:

GNCStEvl, GncApply.

For Whom:

DBA User and System Support Representative. Note: The request is still processed despite the warning.


This message is for information only. To avoid the warning, user may increase the DBS Control Record field MaxParseTreeSegs for case (a) and field StepsSegmentSize for case (b). See Teradata Utilities Manual for information on DBS Control fields.