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6834 Method "%VSTR" does not exist.


The user referenced a method that does not exist in the database, or does not belong to the specified UDT.

Generated By:

RES/OPD modules.

For Whom:

End User.


Check the spelling of the method. Check for the correct database name. Check for the correct number of arguments. Check for compatible arguments types. If the method is specified in the <UDT name>.<UDM name> format, make sure that the UDT name is spelt correctly and that the method belongs to that UDT. The Methodkind specified(Constructor/Instance) may not be correct. Default methodkind is Instance. An attempt to modify auto-generated functions/methods may cause this error message to be generated. Auto-generated Methods are not to be modified by end user. They are for Internal system use only. Correct the request and resubmit it.