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5957 Warning: An existing partitioning expression is nondeterministic.


During an ALTER TABLE that defines new partitioning expressions using DROP/ADD ranges or an ALTER TABLE with REVALIDATE PRIMARY option, an existing partition expression was found to be nondeterministic. If so, queries that are executed with partition elimination may get wrong results and rows may be improperly partitioned. This warning indicates the table was created in an earlier release with a partitioned primary index where one or more of the partitioning expressions were nondeter- ministic. Note that nondeterministic partitioning expressions are not supported (a partitioning expression must be deterministic) but an error was not reported in all cases in earlier releases.

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End User and System Support Representative.


This is a warning but it is important to follow the instructions in the following remedy to make sure the rows are correctly partitioned.


It is recommended that you contact your System Support Representative to assist in applying this remedy. Recreate the table with deterministic partitioning and repopulate. The rows for the original table can be insert-selected from the original table into the new table or if there is not enough space on the system, the new table may be repopulated from a backup. If you run all maintenance, queries, and ALTER TABLE statements for this table in the same session time zone, session collation and session mode (ANSI or BT/ET), rows may be okay in the table and you may decide to delay applying this remedy; however, it is highly recommended to apply the remedy at the soonest opportunity.