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With Teradata Parallel Transporter Infrastructure

The Named Pipes Access Module can be used transparently with any Teradata Parallel Transporter (Teradata PT) consumer operator through the DataConnector operator. Figure 5 shows how the UNIX Named Pipes Access Module communicates with Teradata PT.

Figure 5: Data Flow Between Teradata Named Pipes and Teradata Parallel Transporter

Data flows through a UNIX named pipe between a writer process, such as Teradata FastExport, and Teradata PT with a consumer operator, such as Load operator, and the SQL Inserter operator, Teradata PT communicates with the Data Connector operator, which communicates with the UNIX Named Pipes Access Module.

On UNIX systems, the module supports transfer with Teradata PT through named pipes and files. Refer to the Teradata Parallel Transporter Reference (B035‑2436) for more information.

Writer Process

Because UNIX pipes cannot span a network, both the writer process and the Teradata PT process must reside on the same UNIX system. The writer process does not require an instance of the Data Connector module. The writer process can be any third‑party application that supplies data through a named pipe in the format supported by the reader process.

Reader Process

The reader process is the UNIX Named Pipes Module, np_axsmod.so, which tracks data flow and copies inbound data to a fallback data file. If Teradata PT determines it must fall back to an earlier point in the data stream, it issues the standard File Set Position access command to np_axsmod.so, which supplies subsequent reads from the data it saved in the fallback data file.