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Teradata Tools and Utilities Access Modules User Guide

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The Data Connector API is the software layer between a client utility and an access module. It is responsible for establishing, maintaining, and monitoring that connection. It accomplishes this by being statically linked to the client modules and dynamically linked to the needed access module. If you have a Teradata Parallel Transporter version of an access module, the term Data Connector throughout this book refers to the Teradata Parallel Transporter DataConnector operator.

Note: Teradata Data Connector API is compiled with the Sun Studio 11 version of compiler on Solaris SPARC platform. Use the same compiler for any application using Teradata Data Connector API.

Specifying an access module in a Teradata client utility job script causes the following actions at runtime:

1 The client utility passes the access module name and initialization information to the Data Connector API.

2 The Data Connector API connects and initializes the specified access module.