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Access Module
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The Teradata OLE DB Access Module is a dynamic link library (DLL) that acts as an interface between Teradata load and export utilities (Teradata FastLoad, Teradata FastExport, Teradata MultiLoad, TPump, Teradata Parallel Transporter [PT], and BTEQ) and data sources for which an OLE DB provider is available. The access module quickly moves data between OLE DB data sources and Teradata Database without requiring intermediate storage.

The access module can be used to view, edit, and re‑run access module job (.amj) files, or to perform a quick, one‑time copy (to create a new table in Teradata Database with data from an OLE DB data source) or a quick, one‑time import from an OLE DB data source to Teradata Database.

The Teradata OLE DB Access Module offers the following options to move data:

  • Data source > OLE DB provider > Teradata OLE DB Access Module > Teradata load utility / Teradata PT > Teradata Database
  • Teradata Database > Teradata export utility > Teradata PT > Teradata OLE DB Access Module ‑> OLE DB provider ‑> data source
  • Teradata Database > Teradata PT > Teradata Database
  • The Teradata OLE DB Access Module creates a new table during load operations if no target table already exists, and adds (imports) to existing tables. The exception is when FastLoad/Teradata PT load operator is used for imports, in which case the load operation only works on an empty table. In other words, a load operation that uses FastLoad/Teradata PT load operator cannot load to existing tables.

    You can use the Teradata OLE DB Access Module to accomplish the following processes:

  • Use the access module graphical user interface (GUI):
  • a Open the GUI for the Teradata OLE DB Access Module (nicknamed Teradata OleLoad), and select a data source and destination.

    b Save the job as an .amj file.

    c Select a Teradata utility to transfer (load or export) the data, generate a script, and run the job.

    For more information, see .

  • Run the access module from a Teradata load and export utility at the command prompt:
  • a In a Teradata utility, write a script that references the Teradata OLE DB Access Module and a previously saved .amj file.

    b Run the script.

    For more information, see .

    Note: It is more efficient to use load/unload utilities directly while doing copy operations from Teradata Database to Teradata Database than to use the OLE DB Access Module as an intermediary.