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A loop is an entry or a group of entries that you can repeat one or more times. Syntax diagrams show loops as a return path above the main path, over the item or items that you can repeat:

Read loops from right to left.

The following conventions apply to loops:




there is a maximum number of entries allowed

the number appears in a circle on the return path.

In the example, you may type cname a maximum of 4 times.

there is a minimum number of entries required

the number appears in a square on the return path.

In the example, you must type at least three groups of column names.

a separator character is required between entries

the character appears on the return path.

If the diagram does not show a separator character, use one blank space.

In the example, the separator character is a comma.

a delimiter character is required around entries

the beginning and end characters appear outside the return path.

Generally, a space is not needed between delimiter characters and entries.

In the example, the delimiter characters are the left and right parentheses.