Chapter 5 Teradata Access Module for JMS - Access Module

Teradata Tools and Utilities Access Modules User Guide

Access Module
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The Teradata Access Module for Java Message Service (JMS) is a utility in the Teradata Tools and Utilities product set that offers a fast, asynchronous method to import and export data between Teradata Database and any JMS‑enabled messaging system, which are generally referred to as Message Oriented Middleware (MOM) or Enterprise Services Bus (ESB) systems. JMS provides simplified and vendor‑independent communication with messaging service providers.

The Teradata Access Module for JMS can be invoked by certain Teradata load/unload utilities, specifically Teradata FastLoad, Teradata MultiLoad, Teradata FastExport, Teradata Parallel Transporter (PT) DataConnector Operator, BTEQ, and TPump.

Topics in this chapter include:

  • Supported Platforms and Teradata Utilities
  • Access Module Names
  • Data Flow
  • Interfaces
  • Initialization Strings
  • Session Character Sets
  • Checkpoint Processing
  • Code Sample