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Getting Started Guide for Data Scientists Using Python with Vantage

Teradata Package for Python
Teradata Vantage
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December 2020
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Teradata Vantageā„¢ supports Python languages both at client side and in database.

The client side and in-database options for Python enable users to jointly perform analytics with no SQL coding required, provide users with functions for data manipulation and transformation, data filtering and sub-setting, and can be used in conjunction with open source libraries.

Client Side

The Teradata Package for Python, teradataml, includes access to powerful Vantage analytic functions together with data manipulation functions to provide extensive in-database analytic capabilities at client side. They combine the benefits of the open source language environment with the massive parallel processing capabilities of Vantage.

teradataml processes data directly in Vantage, without bringing the data onto the client. This allows teradataml to be able to process a huge amount of data that is not limited by the available memory and resources on the client machine. This also eliminates the need to transfer data between the client and Vantage, which saves time.

The language interpreters are installed on a client machine that connects to Vantage.

The teradataml package uses SQLAlchemy and provides functions that are similar to pandas.


The Teradata distribution packages support in-database Python script execution with the SCRIPT Table Operator (STO). The distribution packages offer updated and self-contained versions of the following two RPM packages:
  • teradata-python package: Python interpreter for in-database language execution
  • teradata-python-addons package: collections of select popular add-on libraries

The language interpreters and corresponding Python add-on libraries RPM packages are installed on each Advanced SQL Engine node.

The Python interpreter and add-ons packages bundle supports native, in-database execution of Python scripts on the Advanced SQL Engine using the SCRIPT Table Operator.