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You can configure the alert service to run SQL query alert actions for Teradata systems. After you configure the alert service using these steps, you must also create an action set.
  1. From the Setup Options list, select Delivery Settings.
  2. From the Delivery Types list, select SQL Queries.
  3. From the SQL Queries list, do one of the following:
    • Select "" next to SQL Queries to add a SQL query.
    • Select "" next to the SQL Query configuration you want to copy.
    • Click the SQL Query name to edit its configuration.
  4. Type a name for the SQL configuration in the Name box.
  5. Select the Enable check box.
  6. [Optional] Type the name of the default database for the SQL query in the Default Database box.
  7. Type the SQL query for the alert action in the SQL box.
  8. [Optional] Under Timeout, select an action to perform if a SQL query is still running after a specified time period.
    • Select the Notify After check box to be notified, and indicate the time period. You configure notifications by selecting Alert Exceptions from the Setup Options list.
    • Select the Terminate After check box to terminate the SQL query, and indicate the time period.
    A notification is always sent when a SQL query is terminated.
  9. Click Apply.
PostrequisiteAfter the SQL query configuration is done, you must create an action set.