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October 2021
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The menus and toolbar allow you to specify the display attributes of the views.

Use the selection menus to define a metric to monitor by selecting a:
  • System
  • Category
  • Metric
  • Source or Variant

The first time you add the portlet to the page, the first available metric that you have permission to view is displayed. However, if you only have permission to view Table metrics, no data appears in the portlet until you select a metric using the selection menus.

The 1 mo and 3 mo buttons allow you to adjust the time frame displayed. As you adjust the time frame, the toolbar refreshes automatically to display the new time frame in the toolbar.

The Export button allows you to create a .csv file containing selected data.

Heatmap View Features

The Display button allows you to show or hide cell values and adjust high and low values that determine cell shading. The Display cell values check box is only available when the metric displayed is a percentage. If the selected time frame results in narrow cells, cell values are not displayed even though the Display cell values check box is selected.

The threshold button displays the current threshold value and allows you to set the threshold slider and adjust the threshold. The threshold button and slider only appear when the metric displayed is a percentage. If the threshold value is within the gray-scale range, defined when you select the Display button, the cells are displayed in a shade of the exception color equivalent to the corresponding gray-scale shade for that cell value.