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Teradata Workload Management
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October 2021
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A workload is a group of queries that share characteristics so that a set of workload management controls can be applied to the group. A workload has working values and defining characteristics that are evaluated during the classification phase of system management. High-quality workload management can improve response times and provide more consistent response times for critical work.

The following requests are examples of workloads:
  • Batch jobs further subdivided by region or organization for reporting
  • Weekly or monthly reports that follow the calendar or a regular schedule
  • Jobs that are always critical whenever they occur

The Workloads view, accessed from the ruleset toolbar, provides the following tabs:

Displays a list of workloads, their attributes, and enabled status. You can add or delete a workload, or click a workload to view additional settings.

WD-Default is the default workload that is applied to queries not classified into a specific workload. The default workload appears last in the evaluation order to make sure it is applied only if no other workloads apply. The default workload cannot be deleted or disabled.

Evaluation Order
Evaluation order helps to determine the placement of queries into workloads. Queries are mapped to the first workload in the evaluation order whose predicate they match.
Service Classes
Service classes are an attribute you assign to each workload to control query prioritization. In a larger sense, service classes define how the database divides the available hardware resources among all running queries and other activities in the system, such as physical backups. For more information, see the Teradata Aster® Database User Guide.

SC-Default is the default service class applied to workloads without an assigned service class and is initially used by the default workload. SC-Default has a priority of medium and a weight of 100 by default, but you can change these values.