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October 2021
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The Metrics Analysis view displays a graph that represents system resource usage. One or more systems can be monitored in the time frame using the same or different metrics. Metrics can be selected with different thresholds and vertical axis ranges.

The following list describes the features in this view:
Contains the time frame list. Select a time frame from the list to change the graph. Export creates a .csv file containing selected data.
Line Graph
Plots the time frame on the horizontal axis and the metric values on the vertical axis. The plot line is a colored line that represents the average metric values. Click a plot line to see the highlighted plot line and performance envelope in a lighter shade of the assigned color. The performance envelope represents the upper and lower metric values.
Time Frame
Shows the frame of time selected from the time frame list on the toolbar. For example, if one hour is selected, times from the previous hour appear across the bottom of the graph.
Lists up to 10 metrics that are defined in the Settings view. Each list position is assigned a color and a check box. The metric name appears along with the name of the system being monitored, if there is more than one system enabled. Select a metric name to highlight the plot line and see the performance envelope in the graph.