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October 2021
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You can select and organize metrics to display, set thresholds, adjust the vertical axis range for each metric, and adjust the duration over which the averages are calculated using the Settings view.

Metric Default Sparkline Past Average Line Default Description
Canary Response Times Metrics Curve Yes No Select individual canary query metrics
System Metrics: System Health Bar No Yes Shows customized states or these default states: healthy, warning, critical, down, or unknown. The icon style cannot be changed.
Default Icon Text Color Default State Definition
Green Healthy All metrics are within healthy ranges.
Yellow Degraded At least one metric exceeded a degraded threshold.
Red Critical At least one metric exceeded a critical threshold.
Black Down The selected system is down.
Gray Unknown Status of the selected system is unknown.
System Metrics: System Heartbeat Curve Yes Yes Shows whether the Teradata Database system is responsive
System Metrics: Total QPH Skyline Yes Yes Select total queries per hour metrics
Queries Per Hour Metrics Skyline Yes No Select individual queries per hour metrics