Configure Elastic Usage to Change Reporting Interval | Teradata Viewpoint - 17.10 - Configuring Elastic Usage Collector to Change the Reporting Interval - Teradata Viewpoint - Teradata Workload Management

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October 2021
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Complete the following task to change the Elastic Performance On Demand (EPOD) reporting interval from one-hour to 10-minute intervals. Teradata recommends setting the node sample rate on the Teradata system to less than or equal to 600 seconds to use this option.

Enabling this option changes the elastic performance on demand usage tracking calculation and billing model. Legacy EPP customers should contact the Teradata Account Team before enabling this option.
  1. From the Systems list, select the name of the system you want to update.
  2. From the Setup list, select Data Collectors.
  3. Select the Elastic Usage data collector.
  4. Check Enable 10-minute interval reporting.
  5. Click Apply.