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The rewind feature lets you view data from the past and compare it to data for a different date and time. You can rewind the data for some or all portlets on a portal page to a previous point in time, such as when a job failed. Rewinding portlet data helps identify and resolve issues.

You can rewind data as far back as data is available. The rewind feature is not available for portlets that have portlet-specific methods for reviewing data over time. The rewind feature works uniquely in the Query Spotlight portlet. See the Query Spotlight section for further details.

You can enter a specific date and time or select data in increments such as 1 day. All available portlets display data that corresponds to the selected time.

Specify a time interval using the rewind feature

If portlet data can be rewound, "" appears in the portlet frame.

If the rewind toolbar does not appear on the portal page, you are not authorized to use the feature. If does not appear in the portlet frame, the rewind feature is not available for that portlet.