17.10 - Query Log Overview - Teradata Viewpoint - Teradata Workload Management

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October 2021
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The Query Log portlet enables Teradata Database Administrators to view key reports based on the historical DBQL data in the PDCRDATA.DBQLogTbl_Hst table in Teradata Database. If the number of DBQL rows exceeds 10 million per day, you can specify the name of a database view in the Monitored Systems portlet to load a subset of the query log data to make sure only the most important data is collected.

You can review queries designated as suspect based on thresholds set for the Query Log data collector in the Monitored Systems portlet, and access system-wide, application specific, and user specific information. You can view key metrics for any date for which query log data has been collected and retained by Viewpoint, and drill down to see details about specific queries. You can also view the trends of key performance indicators, aggregated daily or weekly and going back over a time frame from the last six months to two years.

You can only see data in the Query Log portlet if the optional query logging (DBQL) feature has been enabled in Teradata Database and the query logs are archived using PDCR. For more information, see Teradata Database Administration.

The Query Log portlet does not participate in the rewind feature. The portlet provides a date selector to select the date of the query log information you want to view.