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October 2021
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The Teradata Database state matrix icon in the toolbar shows changes in health condition (with TASM license only), state, or planned environment during the cumulative sampling time frame.

The state matrix icon uses color to show the following:

Dark blue
Active-state cell
Medium blue
Previously active-state cell
Light blue
Inactive-state cell
During a state change, the cell representing the previous state changes from dark blue to medium blue. If there was a second state change during the sampling time frame, the previous state cell is shown in light blue.

The number of cells in the state matrix icon depends on the monitored system. If a one-by-one state matrix is configured, the state matrix icon appears as one active cell. When you hover over the state matrix icon, information balloons show detail information and the last state change if there was a state change within the sampling time frame.

In SLES 11, click the state matrix to view detailed information about the state.