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October 2021
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The summary views provide a status of the resources on your Teradata Database system so you can monitor and locate issues. The Nodes summary view displays the status of nodes, and the Vprocs summary view displays the status of vprocs.

The following list describes the features in these views:

Selection Menus
Shows the system and resources currently being displayed, including the system, type of node or vproc, and time frame.
Shows the metric that determines the data that is displayed. Click on the metric to select a different one from the list.
Metric Distribution Graph
Graphically shows distribution of the metric's value per node or vproc.
State Filter Bar
Displays a count of the resources in each state. Click any state in the bar to change the displayed data in the summary table to show only the resources in that state.
Shows only rows that match your filter criteria.
Summary Table
Displays summary information about the selected nodes and vprocs.
Outlying Values
Values that are outside 1.5 times the interquartile range (IQR).
Table Actions
Clear Filters removes any content in the filter boxes.
Configure Columns allows you to choose the columns to display.
Export creates a .csv file containing all available data. If filters are used, only filtered data is exported.

For more information, see Summary Table Controls.

Following is an example of the Vprocs summary view when you select All Nodes > Vprocs > All from the selection menu. The Nodes summary view, which appears when you select All Nodes > Nodes > All from the selection menu, shows the same features. Only the data types and values are different.