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October 2021
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Configure an alert by selecting the jobs, severity, and action. The alert is triggered when the selected jobs are run manually or run on schedule. This ends up in ERROR state and can be viewed in Alert Viewer portlet based on the preferences given in the selected action.
  1. From the Jobs tab, click Actions > Configure Alerts
  2. Click on Add Alert
  3. Select the checkbox Enable Alert to enable it.
  4. Enter the Alert Name, up to 30 alphanumeric characters.The name cannot be same as an existing alert name.
  5. Select Severity from Critical, High, Medium, and Low.
  6. Select Action from the dropdown. The actions sets are defined in the Alert Setup portlet.
  7. Enter a message for the alert (Optional).
  8. Select one or more Jobs for which alerts must be triggered if those jobs end in ERROR state.
Table Actions
Clear Filters removes any content in the filter boxes.
Configure Columns allows you to choose the columns to display.

For more information, see Summary Table Controls.