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October 2021
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The Overview tab displays detailed information about key metrics for the selected session. The metric values provide a view of the query status on the engine.

Query Information

Query Information Description
CPU Percentage Percentage of total system CPU currently being used by the session
CPU Seconds Number of CPU seconds used by the query in the last minute
In State Amount of time the query has been running in the same state (HH:MM:SS)
Memory (KB) Total memory in KB
Process ID Process identifier
Read Bytes Total number of bytes read from the storage layer
Read I/O Count Total read I/O operations (read syscalls)
Start Time the process started running
State Process state, such as active, canceled, pending
Total I/O Total I/O available
Write Bytes Total number of bytes written to the storage layer
Write I/O Count Total write I/O operations (write syscalls)

Session Information

Session Information Description
User Name of user that submitted the query
IP Address IP address of the user that submitted the process