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October 2021
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The trend chart displays a visual representation of the magnitude of the selected metric over the selected time period. The horizontal axis represents the date, and the vertical axis represents the value of the metric selected for display. The green trend line plots the metric values that occurred during the selected time frame, until the day before the current date. As you move your mouse pointer over any point on the trend line, a balloon displays the actual magnitude of the selected metric on that date.

You can choose a daily or weekly aggregation period. Selecting a daily aggregation period plots the aggregate value each day. Selecting a weekly period shows the aggregate value calculated for the entire week, ending on the selected date. For example, the burn rate aggregated by week is calculated as the total number of CPU seconds consumed during the week divided by the system capacity of the system while the queries were active.

You can view a time frame of the last six months, the last year, or the last two years. You can also choose to display vertical lines indicating the date of Teradata system version, application version, and ruleset changes using the check boxes on the upper right.

By default, one chart is displayed. You can add and remove charts.