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You can designate that an email notification be sent or an alert logged if an alert action fails.
  1. From the Setup Options list, select Alert Exceptions.
  2. From the Configuration list, select General to configure how to be notified about exceptions encountered while processing alert action sets.
  3. Under Repeat, type the number of minutes in the box.
    This setting prevents an alert from being sent more than once in the time specified.

    Zero is the default value and is a valid entry, indicating there is no alert inactivity period.

  4. For the alert action types for which you want to generate alert exceptions:
    • Under Severity, select the level associated with the alert type.
    • [Optional] Under Send Email, select the check box to configure an email message to be sent.
    • [Optional] Under Alert Viewer, select the check box if you want the alert to be displayed in the Alert Viewer portlet.
  5. [Optional] Under Email, enter one or more email addresses to which an email message is sent if an alert exception occurs.
    Separate multiple addresses with semicolons.

    You can enter email addresses even if you have not selected any Send Email check boxes in the previous step. However, emails are only generated when Send Email is enabled.