17.10 - Adding Request Source Classification Type - Teradata Viewpoint - Teradata Workload Management

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October 2021
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User Guide
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You can classify filters, throttles, workloads, utility sessions, and query sessions by request sources such as account name or client IP address.
  1. Do one of the following:
    • From the ruleset toolbar, click Filters, Throttles, or Workloads.
    • From the Sessions tab, click Query Sessions or Utility Sessions.
  2. Select an item or create one.
  3. Click the Classification tab.
  4. Select a request source criteria or add one.
  5. Select a Source Type from the list.
    • Username
    • Account Name
    • Account String
    • Profile
    • Application
    • Client IP Address
    • Client ID
  6. Do at least one of the following:
    • Enter a match string and use the Include and Exclude buttons to add the match string. A match string can contain ? to match exactly one character or * to match zero or more characters.
    • Select items from the list and use the Include and Exclude buttons to create your classification criteria. If there are more than 500 items, use the filter box to locate the items you want to select.
  7. Click OK.