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October 2021
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The target classification type specifies the query data location. You can classify filters, throttles, or workloads by targets such as database, table, or stored procedure, and any subcriteria. For example, if you select a database as the target, you could add subcriteria so that it only applies if you are performing a full table scan.

Consider the following when using target to classify information:
  • A target type can only be used once in each rule and can have multiple parameters, such as table or stored procedure. Multiple parameters are joined by AND.
  • You can use targets parameter function and method.
  • When source and target groups exist together in Teradata Database, they are joined by an AND.
  • You can add subcriteria for each selected target parameter. Next to target items containing subcriteria, appears. If you select multiple subcriteria, they must all be present for the classification setting to be used.
  • A match string must be an exact match.
  • In Teradata Database 15.0 and later, you can set the estimated minimum percent of table blocks accessed during the query.