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October 2021
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You can define the scope of collect and analyze jobs. The scope of a collect job defines the objects the job will use to generate a collect list. The scope of an analyze job defines the objects that will be analyzed by the job.
  • A collect list is an ordered list of COLLECT STATISTICS statements used by a collect job.
  • An object list is a list of database objects used for a job scope.
  • An existing object list is a custom object list defined in another job or an object list created outside of the Stats Manager portlet.
You can select from the following options to specify the scope for a job.
All objects
Uses all objects in the system for analyze jobs.
All automated objects
Uses all automated objects in the system for collect jobs.
Existing object list
Enables you to select an object list from a number of already defined object lists. Object lists that were externally created outside of the portlet display first. After you select an object list, the objects in that list are displayed on the Scope tab.
Custom object list
Enables you to define object lists and use wildcard patterns to add objects to the scope.