Assign Users to a Role | Roles Manager Portlet | Teradata Viewpoint - 17.10 - Assigning Users to a Role - Teradata Viewpoint - Teradata Workload Management

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October 2021
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Search for users and assign them to a role.

If auto-provisioning is in use, a default role is assigned to new users the first time they log in. The default role is typically User.

  1. From the Roles Manager view, select a role from the list.
  2. Select the Users tab.
  3. [Optional] Search for a user:
    1. Select a filter from the list.
    2. Enter the search criteria in the contains field.
    3. Select Find.
      The Available Users list displays only users meeting the search criteria.
  4. Select one or more users from the left pane.
    Press Ctrl while selecting additional names to select multiple users.
  5. Select "".
  6. Click Apply.