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October 2021
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The Node Monitor view displays summary information about the nodes so you can monitor node performance and identify issues. The view displays on a Teradata Machine Learning Engine or in a Teradata Aster or Teradata Hadoop system.
System Selection
Shows the name of the system currently displayed.
State Filter Bar
Displays a count of the nodes in each state. Click a state to show only the nodes in that state.
Filters allow you to change displayed data by showing only rows that match your filter criteria. Sort on the column headers to group data in ascending or descending order.
Summary Table
Displays summary information for all nodes. The table is configured in the Configure Columns dialog box. The view is refreshed every 30 seconds. Click a row in the table to see details for that row.
Table Actions
Clear Filters removes any content in the filter boxes.
Configure Columns allows you to choose the columns to display.
Export creates a .csv file containing all available data. If filters are used, only filtered data is exported.

For more information, see Summary Table Controls.