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Query results are displayed in a table below the query box. You can view, pin, or export query results, as well as view SQL statements, Explain steps, and blocked query information.

Query Tabs
Display detailed query results in separately numbered tabs. Pinned query tabs show stored results temporarily for the current session. You can pin or unpin query results to be stored in the current session.
Submitted Statement
Displays a portion of the SQL statement.
Results Tab
Displays a table of query results that can be exported.
Displays the entire SQL statement for the selected query.
Explain Tab
Displays Explain steps for the query, including step statistics and explain text. Only appears when a query meets certain thresholds established by the Teradata Viewpoint Administrator.
Blocked By Tab
Displays details about other queries that are blocking this query. Only appears when a query is blocked.
Saves results of the currently selected Query tab to a .csv file.

For more information, see Summary Table Controls.

Results for each statement in the query appear in a separately numbered Query tab. Results for a single-statement query appear in the Query 1 tab. Results for multi-statement queries appear in additional tabs. For example, if you submit three statements, results appear in the Query 1, Query 2, and Query 3 tabs.